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We have seen in other fields of business and indeed in the veterinary world too, people using online booking systems. Here at Maltman Cosham Veterinary Clinic we prefer the slightly old fashioned way! Ideally we would like you to phone to book an appointment so that our trained reception or nursing staff can have the opportunity to assess if something is more urgent than it may first appear as well as add a touch of flexibility, trying our best to find a convenient time for you and provide patient continuity by arranging for you to see your preferred veterinary surgeon.

In the spirit of compromise though please click here to email us with a preferred appointment time including your contact numbers and someone will give you a call back to confirm the appointment. (We can not guarantee you the time but we will try our best to accommodate you)

If it is a general query we are happy to receive an email from you, whilst we can not promise to respond within 24 hours we will try. Please use our reception email address of

You may like to phone the practice on 01403 791011 for some advice from the veterinary nurse team to decide how urgently you need the appointment.

When you have booked your appointment

First Appointment
Please allow an extra few minutes to find us as well as an extra 5 minutes to register and to check we have all the relevant clinical history.


If you are bringing your pet in for an operation or they are being hospitalised, all they will need to bring with them is a collar and lead for dogs or a carry basket for cats, rabbits or small mammals. We will take care of their dietary needs and provide them with suitable bedding. However if you wish to bring a special blanket or toy that will help make them feel a little more at home we will be happy to accommodate this. Please let the staff know if your pet is on a specialist diet.

Maltman Cosham Veterinary Clinic staff will advise you, on booking your pet's procedure, about any need for starvation the night before.