You can email us, phone us or come in to register:


In all cases it would be handy if you could have the following information to hand to help us register you successfully first time:


        • Your name, address and contact details (email and phone number)
      • Your pet(s) name(s), species, breed, colour, age, gender, whether neutered or not and when their last vaccination was


Email us at including the information in the bullet points above


Call us on 01403 791 011 during office hours

Come in and register at Maltman Cosham Veterinary Clinic, Lyons Farm Estate, Lyons Road, Slinfold, Horsham, RH13 0QP

Useful tips

  • No matter how you have registered - its worth just popping in with your pet to say hello, this means that your pet can enjoy a positive experience being treated and fussed rather than examined
  • Don't forget to remind the team, that it is your frst appointment when booking and they'll allow a little extra time
  • If you have registered but don't yet need the vet, it is worth just taking a trip out to make sure you know exactly where we are just in case